VT2200 Forward & Rear Facing 2-Channel Dual Camera


The VT2200 is a full HD 1080p 2-channel Dual connected vehicle telematics camera, with built-in GPS/GLONASS, G-shock sensor, Wi-Fi and health-checking. The forward-facing camera provides high-resolution images before, during and after any incident, and the secondary camera can record either the driver or passengers.

VT2200 Forward & Rear Facing 2-Channel Dual Camera

SKU: PAL1111
    • Industry-leading, connected and HD-quality vehicle camera and telematics system
    • High-quality super-wide viewing angle
    • Provides HD images before, during and after an incident
    • Accurate G-shock sensor (+100Hz) measures impact force and driving style
    • Built-in GPS and GLONASS receiver
    • 2-channel video recording – optional secondary camera can be used
    • Monitor driver behaviour from anywhere using the VisionTrack IoT platform
    • VT2.2 – 91(L) x 56(H) x 56(W)mm (without bracket, locking case)
    • VT950-IR – 35(L) x 55(H) x 80(W)mm

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