The T10 Micro has been designed to plug into the vehicles  OBD port (On Board Diagnostics port) and takes the power supply from this port & therefore eliminating any power loss problems as most plug & Play systems require a portable battery and is the subject to losing power very quickly, but not ours!


The T10 Micro connects with a number of vehicle interfaces to process and provide vehicle diagnostics and fuel usage. Data can be pushed to established 3rd party administration systems or displayed via GSM and the Trakm8 developed web portal. Real time performance and fuel data is monitored along with diagnostic trouble codes from the vehicle engine control unit (ECU).


SKU: PAL1098
    • Detailed upto date Web based mapping

    • Google Street View

    • 1 Minute updates

    • Point of Interest/Geofence

    • Alerts

    • Plug & Play Design

    • Group Detailed Report

    • Odometer Reading

    • POI Summary Report

    • Where Are My Drivers?

    • Journey Snail Trail Of Route Taken

    • Find The Nearest Vehicle To A Location

    • Journey Summary

    • Journey Detailed Report

    • Point Of Interest Report

    • Optional Canbus Data (extra subscription charge applies)

    • Connectivity GPS Location Technology Weight 40g Dimensions LxWxH: 46mm x 23mm x 19mm Enclosure Fire-resistant PVC black casing Certification CE and R&TTE and E-Mark

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