RoadHawk DC-2 HD GPS Dash Cam


All video footage from the RoadHawk DC-2 is easily viewed within RoadHawk’s intuitive software. With evidential-grade footage, GPS information and G-Force data, you are able to supply irrefutable evidence to your insurer or police.


Crystal clear footage

The RoadHawk DC-2 records every journey in fantastic quality, with full 1080p video recording, gyro balanced image stabilisation and high-quality sensor to provide you with protection in low-light scenarios.

Automatic shock sensor

With an inbuilt G-force sensor, the RoadHawk DC-2 will automatically save clips to a separate ‘event’ folder when the camera detects a sudden jolt or impact. This way, you can ensure that your most important footage isn’t overwritten or lost. ‘Event’ files can also be created by clicking the event button on the camera for saving incidents on the road that don’t necessarily involve your vehicle.


Inbuilt GPS

The camera’s built-in GPS function means that your footage will pair up with your movements on a map within the RoadHawk software. If you do find yourself the victim of a crash, your speed and location data will be readily available – that’s one less thing to remember when speaking with your insurer!

  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p
  • Viewing angle: 120 degrees
  • High quality low-light sensor
  • Gyro balanced image stabilisation
  • 8GB SD Card included. Compatible up to 128GB
  • External GPS antenna connection
  • External Audio input connection
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • User controlled G-Force, audio input and Speaker volume settings
  • Audio can be disabled


What's in the box?

1 x RoadHawk DC-2 Camera

1 x Power Cable

1 x 8GB SD Card

1 x USB Card Reader

1 x Windscreen adhesive mount

1 x Vertical Windscreen adhesive mount

1 x User Manual

1 x CD-ROM

RH DC-2 HD GPS Dash Cam

SKU: PAL1102
  • ● 1080p High Definition video
    ● 30 Frames per second
    ● Loop overwrite function
    ● 1hz GPS
    ● EIS Image Stabilisation
    ● 1250 Degree wide angled lens
    ● A5s Video Processor
    ● PC/MAC Software included
    ● Automatic Recording
    ● Time / date stamped
    ● Embeds GPS data
    ● MP4 playback MAC & PC
    ● Google mapping
    ● 8Gb SD card included
    ● G-Force sensor
    ● Remote input / Alarm output
    ● H.264 Video encoding
    ● Internal microphone
    ● External mic input
    ● 1/4” thread mounting option
    ● 97mm x 26mm x 72mm