RH-668 AHD Rear Side View Mirrored Camera


Suitable for use anywhere on the vehicle, the camera’s ball-shaped design allows it to be orientated in many different ways. The RoadHawk RH-668 AHD Rear / Side View Mirrored Camera is versatile and can be used as a rear-facing camera, can be fitted to mirror pods on HGVs, used to monitor a loading bay or used to view inside the cab. The camera’s mirror function means the view on the vehicle’s monitor is exactly the same as it would be when looking through a side / rear-view mirror.

This camera also has infrared which is automatically activated in low-light conditions, providing excellent visibility at night.

Compatible with the following RoadHawk multi-camera systems:


This is an AHD camera and is designed for the RoadHawk 720p AHD multi-camera systems – E42 units. The camera uses an Aviation connector and will require an extension cable and link cable (to covert to DIN) to connect to the DVR.


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RH-668 AHD Rear Side View Mirrored Camera

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